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Jonathan V.

"I recently had a misting system installed in my backyard and it's been a game-changer during the hot summer months. The installation process was seamless and the team was professional and knowledgeable. Now I can enjoy my backyard oasis even on the hottest days!" - John H

Tom L.
Lake View

"I highly recommend this company for their exceptional service and high-quality misting systems. The team was prompt and efficient during the installation process and the misting system has exceeded my expectations. Our guests at the Redwood Casita have been very impressed with the added comfort during outdoor events." - Tom, owner at Redwood Casita

Sarah H.

"We recently had a misting system installed in our outdoor dining area and it has made a huge difference in the comfort of our guests. The team at Cool Innovations was friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. We've had nothing but positive feedback from our customers at the Lakeside Grill. - Sarah, Operations Manager at Lakeside Grill

Mike W.
New York

"I was impressed with the level of expertise and attention to detail from the team at this misting system company. They took the time to understand my specific needs and recommended the perfect system for my backyard patio. The installation was quick and efficient and the misting system has been a game-changer during hot summer days. Highly recommend! - Mike, manager at Sunset Cafe"

Mike H

"The installation was quick and efficient and the misting system has been a game-changer during hot summer days. Highly recommend!" - Mike

Emily J
Hidden Springs

I recently hired this company to repair my misting system and I couldn't be happier with the service. The technician was knowledgeable and professional, and quickly diagnosed and fixed the issue. My misting system is now functioning better than ever and I'm so grateful for the prompt and efficient service. Highly recommend this company!" - Emily from Mountain Resort and Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a misting system and how does it work?

A misting system is a system of high-pressure pumps and stainless steel misting lines that are installed with specialty nozzles to atomize water and create ultra-small droplets. These droplets fill the air and interact with the surrounding environment to absorb heat and cool the air as the water evaporates. This results in an effective and efficient outdoor cooling solution.

Can I install a misting system myself?

While some misting system components may be available at your local hardware store, it is highly recommended that you have your misting system installed by a professional technician. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to install your misting system correctly, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

How often do I need to service my misting system?

Regular maintenance and service for anything water related is important to ensure it continues to function properly and efficiently. We recommend having your misting system serviced at least once every 3 years, ideally. Our expert technicians can diagnose and repair any issues, replace worn parts, and ensure your misting system is functioning at its best.